Fixed Wing HALE UAV: Buraq

(UAV conceptual design)


1) Very long endurance surveillance (up to 60 hours) with capability to carry heavy loads.
2) Missions: Meteorology, Mapping, Reconnaissance.
3) Military/Civil Heavy Loads:

      ✈ Complex sensors (e.g. RAPTOR pod);
      ✈ Weapons: anti-tank, anti-ship, anti-bunker missiles, etc.
      ✈ Possibility to deploy military/emergency supplies in hostile territory or in case of natural disasters.
      ✈ Possibility to deploy anti-mine  devices.
      ✈ Possibility to carry large meteorogical-sensors.
      ✈ Possibility to deploy fire/pollution retardants in case of disasters.
      ✈ Possibility to deploy life-boats in case of maritime disasters.



(UAV Design: K512)